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Graphical tool for integration of KNX networks, providing a flexible and user-friendly interface based on floor plans. Ideally suited for commercial building, retail shops or hotels of any size. The tool is particularly suited for flexible room automation.

KNX Space Commissioning works with any device from any manufacturer.
A KNX device is described into a collection of assets (ex. lamps, switches, sensors, etc.). Then, each asset can have different usages adjusting its parameters.

The assets are then gathered under a space, which dynamically creates the right Group Addresses (with Group Objects). A space may be an office, a room in hotel, a corridor, a facade, etc.
All the engineering is dynamic and gets adapted to the space created, whether it is large, small, with more or less assets, etc.
The solution can be exported as a package and reused across projects.

KNX Space Commissioning also allows the export of the project into the ABB Building Edge, which is a solution hosting applications such as ABB Ability Control Hub, used for monitoring and control of buildings.

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