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KNX Virtual is a Windows application representing a KNX installation, i.e. it is not a physical installation but it behaves like one.

The advantage is that no investment in hardware (i.e. KNX power supply, KNX/USB interface or KNX/IP interface, KNX devices) needs to be made in order to test and play with KNX & ETS.

Different version (types) of KNX Virtual exist, each version can be found within one zip file:
1. Switching (including staircase)
2. Switching (including staircase) + feedback
3. Dimming
4. Blinds
5. Heating (RTC)

About ETS:
- Download and install the latest version, no license is required because each KNX Virtual version contains maximum 5 devices (per project).
- Each KNX Virtual indicates the products that are required for the ETS project(s), you can retrieve them via the ETS catalog.

- part1:
- part2:

For KNX unexperienced users we recommend to follow an online training via our eCampus platform first.

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