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The edition of the ‘Handbook for Home and Building Control, Basic Principles‘ takes into account the extended possibilities of the KNX System in applications, products and functions.

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The KNX cookbook contains a number of implementation examples for KNX product development based on certified KNX components. The general purpose of the KNX cookbook is to offer an easy and quick entry into KNX product development, for anyone interested in the topic as such (non-members), as for commercial purposes (KNX member companies).

NOTE: The book has to be downloaded via your account (products), it does not exist on paper format.

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This guide brings forth, in a simplified way, solutions to comply with LEED strategies. Without going into highly technical concepts, what is offered is a knowledge that serves as orientation for the sustainable buildings consultant. Any professional used to working with the principles proposed in LEED certification will be able to detect, when going deeper into the matter, that the standard KNX technology can help in the implementation of numerous strategies that are taught in the official LEED training, as well as in complying with numerous credits in order to obtain a particular level (platinum, gold…). This is precisely the base on which this guide stands: concrete solutions for LEED strategies, through the use of standard KNX technology.

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KNX Association also offers the latest version of the KNX Tutor Course Documentation on paper. The KNX Tutor Course Documentation consists of the following chapters:

  • KNX Requirements for Training Centres
  • Structure and Scope of KNX Association
  • KNX Software
  • History of Bus Systems
  • Serial data transmission & KNX Protocol
  • Microcontrollers
  • Application program
  • IP Communication
  • KNX Certification Scheme for products

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