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The Reconstruction tool can be used to read out devices in the installation and then create a new ETS project or update an existing project. You may also compare the data from the installation against an ETS project.
This allows to work on projects where the ETS database has been lost or is out of date. This will also work for installations which were created with a previous version of ETS.

These items can be reconstructed: topology, devices with individual address, application program, parameter settings and group object flags, priority and assigned group addresses. You need bus access and same product data which were used to program the devices.
Building or trade structure as well as name and description texts of areas, lines, devices and group addresses will not be reconstructed because they were not programmed into the device.

Note: Devices with plug-ins can only be read out / reconstructed, if supported by the manufacturer of the plug-ins. In case of doubt please contact the manufacturer or our support.
Devices whose product data cannot be used in the current ETS can not be reconstructed.

For more info see under Products - KNX - ETS Apps
The current app version works only from ETS 5.7.2! The app is available for ETS6.

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