NETx BMS App by NETxAutomation Software GmbH

Available for
» ETS4
» ETS5

To import the configuration of a KNX project into a management application like an OPC server, the ETS offers an export function called "Export OPC". This export functionality provides only basic information about the KNX installation. The NETx BMS App is a user-friendly way to import the whole KNX project and its meta-information into the NETx BMS Server or the NETx KNX OPC Server. The output of this ETS App is an enhanced export file that contains the used KNX Group Addresses, the deployed KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces, and the full ETS project structure including the network topology (areas, lines, devices, and Group Objects) as well as the building and trade view. In addition, the App detects the configured IP addresses of the KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces. Based on the topology of the KNX project, the App automatically assigns the KNX Group Addresses to the routers and interfaces that are later on used for accessing them. Thus, a manual, time-consuming and error-prone assignment of the KNX Group Addresses to the KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces is not necessary anymore. Using the NETx BMS App, the whole KNX project including the well-known ETS view can be imported into the NETx BMS Server or NETx KNX OPC Server in a fast and intuitive way.




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