EIplan5_Demo by Nautibus engineering

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» ETS5

EiPlan5_Demo offers an inexpensive entry into the ETS project position with EiPlan5 (see description EiPlan5) for € 50.-.
Eiplan5_Demo is limited to 5 devices and allows you to try out all the EiPlan5 features.
Furthermore, EiPlan5_Demo is itself a comfortable tool to carry out electrical planning in the ground plan and generated all in the ETS
Required group addresses. Ground plans and group addresses are not limited.
Plan your ETS project with EiPlan5_Demo.
You can print floor plans and finalize the generated project with the group addresses in the ETS.
This means you can insert as many devices as you want with the ETS and connect the group addresses as usual in the ETS.
Alternatively, you can of course update to the EiPlan5 full version and use the full device functionality of EiPlan5.
At the update the price for the demoversion is calculated.
Just try it out!



VAT exclusive

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