ABB i-bus® NCT by ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH

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» ETS4

ABB i-bus® NCT (Newron Commissioning Tool) is a bundle consisting of the KNX engineering tool MOOVnGROUP, plus ABB and Busch-Jaeger KNX device templates, which offer a standard set of applications for office buildings.
MOOVnGROUP is a graphical commissioning tool for ETS. It provides a reinvented new workflow to setup a KNX project. As graphical tool it offers a flexible and user friendly interface on basis of a building map. MOOVnGROUP is the ideal tool for commercial -, office buildings, hospitals, schools and hotels with building automation functions and the need for flexible room automation.
MOOVnGROUP handles any device of any manufacturer as soon as it is available in ETS 4. It turns a device into a collection of objects such as lamps, switches, sensors, etc. Afterwards every object can be allocated with a user defined profile by setting its parameters. For easy commissioning MOOVnGROUP works on basis of zone concept. A zone may represent an office, a hotel room, hospital room, a corridor, and so on. A zone template is created by grouping a collection of different objects and their mapping of group objects. Once a zone template is defined, it can easily be copied from one room to the next, to the next, and so on.
With MOOVnGROUP choose your building layout, place the objects on the map, draw a zone including objects and all is done: devices are created in ETS, parameters are set, and group addresses are applied and connected.
In combination with the additionally available ABB doGATE the KNX project can be automatically downloaded into the doGATE. Your selected group addresses are automatically mapped to BACnet, OPC and oBIX or will be monitored as trends.
With MOOVnGROUP you never reinvent the wheel, because you can reuse all templates: the more you integrate the more template you get and less work needs to be done. Working with template secures your installation, because you cannot make manual errors. In case of final change, just modify the template and apply to the complete project.
Hint: To use MOOVnGROUP you additionally need always an ABB i-bus® NCT Credit.




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