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The app EΙplan expands the ETS with a floor plan view. By pre-selecting the desired KNX devices, lamps, sockets, blinds, touch sensors, heating circuits, room temperature controllers, window contacts and radiator actuators can be simply placed in the ground plan. The EΙplan app automatically generates the necessary group addresses with meaningful names, such as "living room ceiling lamp". These group addresses are also assigned automatically to appropriate actuators. The rockers of the buttons can also be assigned in the graphical interface by mouse click.
This results in a complete, well-structured and documented ETS project during the graphical input at the same time as an installation plan and a distribution plan. This app saves the professional a lot of work, offers the beginner a lot of help and creates in any case more overview in the project. The new EasyAssyst interface as well as the complete operation in one window make the creation of ETS projects as simple and efficient as never before.
Sample devices can be selected from the ETS catalog, set and stored so that they can be reused in further projects. The group address scheme can now be defined by the user.
EiPlan5 generates all data for the free visualization EiVisu, more on our website.
EIplan5 is the unrestricted full version of EIplan for ETS5.




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