1.1 I am a manufacturer (or developer). How can I apply for KNX Membership?

If your company wishes to join the KNX Association, please read the following instructions:
1. Create an account in MyKNX and activate the account with the link in the confirmation email you will receive. If you already have an account, just log in with your login details.
2. Open the online KNX Membership Application form and fill in all requested information and add your company logo and ISO certificate (if available) to the application.
3. After confirming the requirements and finalizing the application, KNX will evaluate and process your KNX Membership application*. You will receive an email with a proforma invoice for the payment of your KNX Membership fees (and in some cases agreements to sign). The proforma invoice can be settled by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.
4. After receipt of payment you will be accepted as a KNX Member and will receive access to all necessary info and tools to proceed with your KNX Membership plans.

*In case you apply as a KNX Shareholder your application will first be forwarded to the members of the KNX Executive Board (KEB) for approval before it is processed.